Do you know the main 10 most bought in YouTubers who have ascended in 2016? There are so many top YouTube channels which are related with various organizations that produce news, amusement, music and different sorts of substance; here we’re exhibiting top ten individual YouTuber characters who have most extreme supporters base on the planet.

01.Pew Die Pie

Felix Kjellberg began his YouTube vocation from his schoolroom, at that point exited and sold sausages professionally. Presently, he is the most bought-in Youtuber on the planet. His YouTube channel beat Vevo-marked Youtube channels of music whizzes. This began with his affection for games, however, his silly parody made him stand apart among all the gamer YouTubers. Felix Kjellberg stood out as truly newsworthy in 2014 when he publically declared his 7 million yearly YouTube income.

Total Subs:45 Million

Category :Video Games


Positioned second most bought-in Youtuber on the planet, he additionally won the “Symbol of the Year” prize from MTV Millennial Awards 2014. His other YouTube channel called JuegaGermán, has a progression of most loved games to Gameplays randoms of web games.

Total Subs: 28 Million

Category : Vlog


Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla led this YouTube channel with their Comedy draw before making farces of renowned celebrations, situations, response recordings, and substantially more. They have shown up and featured in a few Hollywood films like Smoosh-The film. They are right now as the most bought in youtube divert started in the United States.

Total Subs: 22 Million

Category: Sketch Comedy


He is the nineteenth famous YouTuber on the planet. Albeit the channel comprises the most of gaming recordings, there are numerous other video blogs and fan Q&A made by Rubén Doblas. Elrubius is the most bought in Youtube divert that began in Spain and is under Europe’s driving ability network called Divimove.

Total Subs: 18 Million

Category: Video Games


Evan Fong, otherwise called Venus, regularly includes a pivoting cast of partners and fans will, in general, appreciate the exchange among him and his buddies however much they appreciate the occasionally unconventional interactivity. Within excess of 17 million endorsers, Vanoss the most bought in Youtube channel began from Canada

Total Subs: 17 Million

Category: Video Games


He is incredibly mainstream for his recordings portraying present-day situations which made his first YouTube video in 2006 when he was as yet in secondary school in Hawaii. Ryan acted in short films like Agents of Secret Stuff and featured on a scene of Supah Ninjas

Total Subs: 17 Million

Category: Comedy


Jenna often teams up with Tyler Oakley, and has showed up in numerous well known late night shows. Her YouTube channel is additionally the second generally bought in to Vlogging classification. On the off chance that you don’t have a clue how to fool individuals into believing you’re gorgeous, at that point you will cherish this channel.

Total Subs: 16 Million

Category: Vlogs


Marian’s Youtube channel is the most bought-in YouTube channel hailing from Mexico. She began her YouTube divert by taking part in a cosmetics rivalry in the end making a delight YouTube channel with more than 15 million endorsers.

Total Subs: 15 Million

Category: Beauty


A Spanish YouTuber situated in Los Angeles, Samuel de Luque, better known by his Dragon Ball summoning YouTube assumed name VEGETTA777, is a Let’s Player who favors experience games, one on one contenders, and Minecraft. He is likewise the fourth most bought in Gaming YouTube channel

Total Subs: 14 Million

Category: Video Games

10.Fine Brothers Entertainment

Fine Bros are the ones who attempted to patent “response video” and confronted weighty analysis in regards to that. Because of this, they lost a large number of YouTubers within one day of the declaration. Even though, this channel is the lord with regards to the response recordings featuring celebrated YouTubers, superstars, craftsmen, and so forth

Total Subs: 14 Million

Category: Entertainment

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